Author: Roger Blitz

Christmas curry – April 12

The long-awaited choir Christmas curry, postponed more because of reasons to do with competence than covid, is upon us. Alternatively, this could charitably be viewed as an exceptionally well-planned early choir Christmas curry. Venue – Black Salt Sheen Address – 505, 507 Upper Richmond Road West,East Sheen, London, SW14 7DE Date and time – Tuesday April 12, 8pm A table for 15 is…… Read more →

Choir summer party – June 27

All, please put June 27 in your diary for our annual nosh and booze-up, which takes place at the abode of our fine bass singer, Mr Christopher Hawkins. So much preparation is going into the summer party that Chris is designing and building his new home to a tight deadline, especially for the choir’s end–of-season festivities. Foundations were laid this…… Read more →