Join Us

We are a non-selective choir. That means no audition, and we welcome singers of all musical experiences and abilities.

  • If you have never sung before, you will find singers in your section who can help steer you along.
  • Can’t read music? Don’t worry, you are not alone – and we have plenty of beautiful voices in our choir who have never learned to read music, although they’ve probably picked up a bit along the way.
  • And if, like several of us, you sang at school or at university but have had a few years (or decades…) of time off, don’t think that our open door policy means that you won’t find some good challenges singing with us. Just look at our past recitals – Mozart’s Requiem, Bach’s Magnificat and, of course, Handel’s Messiah, as well as many shorter works that present their own difficulties – to see that we tackle all the major choral works.

In short, we like to think that we are a fun, welcoming group with a musical repertoire that spans the range of easy fun to well-known challenges. On top of which, we are a sociable crowd, meeting up at The Plough after every rehearsal, and occasionally even when there isn’t one.

If you are interested (and let’s face it, if you’ve read this far you must be!), you can simply turn up to one of our regular Tuesday evening rehearsals at Christ Church, East Sheen, but it is probably best to contact us first to be sure that there is a rehearsal that night. Or you can fill in this form, and someone will get back to you.


As a non-profit choir, we try to keep the costs of each rehearsal to a minimum. We simply charge to cover our overheads: rental of the church, paying our accompanist and director.  You should expect to pay around £80 a term.

We will bulk purchase music, which often brings in an additional discount, and this can cost an extra £6-£10 a term too, depending on the work we are learning.

The choir can offer some bursary places, which can be discussed with us at any time.