VENUE CHANGE 25/6 + Music for Rehearsal + Party 2/7! + Come & Sing

Dear All One-off change of venue for 25/6:  Tuesday’s rehearsal (25/6) will take place at St Michael’s Church in Barnes, address: 39 Elm Bank Gardens, Barnes SW13 0NX . Same time as usual 19:45-21:30 St Mary’s unfortunately double booked us with an election hustings event leaving us little alternative but to move.  None of our previous venues were available hence the choice of St…… Read more →

Tonight! Words and Music at All Saints’ Putney

Late call for this but if you are free tonight this promises to be an interesting evening of music, poetry and interviews about the church and its rich artistic history. All Saints is celebrating its 150th anniversary and both William Morris and Burne-Jones were involved in its original design with Burne-Jones contributing designs for the windows whilst William Morris created…… Read more →

Rehearsal Recap 11/6 + Concert Arrangements

Dear All What an enjoyable and positive rehearsal with Penny on Tuesday!  The only bit we stumbled on was the ‘Ne ab-sor-be-at….’ in Domine Jesu p47-48, bar 21-32. So, if you get chance have a look at that ahead of Saturday.  And, after Penny’s exclamation (mid-conducting!) in the Lux Aeterna keep singing through the ‘et lux per-pe-tu-a…’ phrase p79 bar79(33)…… Read more →

Recap and tomorrow 21st

A good session with Penny Homer last week cracking Rex Tremendae and the Offertorium. If you were not there, hope you have had chance to catch up on those with the learning tracks or your own chosen method. Tomorrow Ben would like to run the whole Requiem to assess what needs particular attention. Don’t forget your pencil! Read more → Read more →

Rehearsal Recap 30/4 + Concert Flyer

Dear All This week we did some thorough work on Tito’s Che del Ciel, and looked at the last movement of the Requiem, Lux Aeterna (beautifully similar to the first), and the Hostias, including the ‘Quam Olim Abrahae’. Ben’s tips: Brighten the sound of Hostias by aiming for a mid-Atlantic ‘Has-tias’ pronunciation and keep the semi-quaver runs in the Lux…… Read more →

Rehearsal Recap 16/4 & Sep 28th Come & Sing!

Dear All We had a marvellously energetic and productive first rehearsal at St Mary’s looking in detail at the finale of the Magic Flute and the Introitus and Kyrie from the Requiem. Ben was very pleased with how it went! Some of Ben’s tips: Attack the ‘Dona’s’ in the Introitus as though flicking a rubber band, articulating the ‘D’ Bring…… Read more →