Reminder: Rehearsal Tuesday 12th October

Dear All  Reminder that we have a rehearsal this Tuesday 12th October and the week after will now be the half term break. Please bring the following music to rehearsal: Danny Boy Linden Lea (Dave to find RVW accompaniment for Robert) Ellan Vanin Turtle Dove Swansea Town Shenandoah Battle of Jericho All music may be found on the website as follows:…… Read more →

Concert Date Tuesday 14th December 2021

Dear All Thank you for all your responses about this term’s concert. They were unanimous and enthusiastic! We have picked a concert date that we hope will work for most people: Tuesday 14th December, evening (start time to be confirmed) at Christchurch. The aim will be for an informal and celebratory performance and as such we will ask guests for donations…… Read more →

SGC rehearsals restarting tomorrow 14/9

Dear All  We hope you are all feeling refreshed after the summer and are looking forward to rehearsals starting again tomorrow (Tuesday 14th September): 19:45- 21:30 at Christchurch. As mentioned before we will be picking up where we left off with regards to music and Dave has asked that you bring the following pieces to rehearsal: Shenandoah Swansea Town Linden Lea…… Read more →

Sheen Gate Choir Rehearsals Resuming!

Dear All I’m delighted to say Christchurch are happy for us to resume rehearsals this term.  Rehearsals will be on Tuesdays from 7:45 – 9:30 as before and term dates will be from 14th September – 14thDecember with a one-week half term on 12th October. Happily, subs will remain the same this term (£70). We plan to continue with the repertoire we were…… Read more →