Tuesday is on

Hi everyone, just to confirm the revised arts guidelines still allow us to rehearse on Tuesdays within the constraints and protections we have in place. Therefore we have decided for the time being to keep choir open for those who want to come. The key requirements of the guidelines are that i. We are an organised activity, ii. We are…… Read more →

Tonight Cancelled

Hello everyone, we are sorry to inform you that we have decided to cancel this evening’s session. One of our members has let us know that they have tested positive for coronavirus. Please be assured that if you were at last week’s rehearsal our Covid security measures mean you should not consider yourself at risk by reason of your attendance.…… Read more →

We are on

Hi all, the new Covid guidance on socialisation does not affect us continuing to meet in a Covid secure space. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow- please bring the same four pieces as last time: ShenandoahSwansea Town, Linden Lea, Danny Boy. We made a good start in the strange environment last week so let’s build on the excellent work…… Read more →

Tuesday again

Hi all, all those willing, able and not in quarantine are welcome to meet again on Tuesday at the earlier time of 7.30pm in Suzanne’s garden for a full group but suitably distanced session. There is plenty of space to spread out and to arrive and leave at appropriate distance. Apologies if this is too early for some, please come…… Read more →

Robert livestream concert on Zoom 17th May 6pm

Knitting goes virtual. If you would like to listen, please send Robert an email: and he will send you the instructions. Message from Robert: We live in unusual times. The immediate dazzling shock and disbelief of lockdown has gradually subsided into dazed bewilderment and dismay about an uncertain future landscape. So many questions; few if any clear answers. This…… Read more →

Quiz again Tues 19th May

Huge thanks to Chris Hawkins for establishing our first quiz last week. Very innovative and fun questions and pretty lighthearted so please don’t feel shy about quiz number 2 which we are offering you next Tuesday 19th starting at 7pm. If you would like to participate, please email Read below what technology you will need to take part. Please…… Read more →